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Branded Stationery

Printed Promotional Ad Clip Paper Clip

Ad Clip Paper Clip


Strong paper clips that stand out

from only


Printed Promotional Twisty Frost Ballpen

Twisty Frost Ballpen


Frosted ballpen with twist action

from only


Colourful Eraser


Excellent branded stationery items

from only


Printed Promotional Book Eraser

Book Eraser


Popular erasers with your logo, perfect for erasing mistakes

from only


TPR Eraser


Coloured rectangular eraser made from TPR (PVC free)

from only


Printed Promotional Glue Stick

Glue Stick


Twist action to propel the glue stick with your logo

from only


Pencil Sharpener


High quality round white pencil sharpener

from only


Printed Promotional Jumbo Paper Clip

Jumbo Paper Clip


Holds together paper and promotes your logo/promotional message

from only


Match Book


Pick and mix option

from only


Printed Promotional Vending Cup Sharpener

Vending Cup Sharpener


Pencil sharpener made from vending cups

from only


Printed Promotional Pencil sharpener

Pencil sharpener


Standard circle sharpener with

from only


Printed Promotional Plastic Paper Slitter

Plastic Paper Slitter


Hardened steel blade cuts through paper easy

from only


Printed Promotional Metal Paper Clip

Metal Paper Clip


Available in Oval, Round, Square or Rectangle

from only


Small Paperclip Set


Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic

from only


Premec Chalk Mechanical Pencil


Push button action with 0.7mm lead

from only


Rectangular Insert Eraser


Dimensions: 51 x 36mm

from only


Printed Promotional Eraser with Plastic Insert

Eraser with Plastic Insert


Printed with your design on the plastic insert

from only


Lech Roller Clip


Great for trade shows and employee badges

from only


Whistler Roller Clip


Never lose your badge

from only


Printed Promotional Wheelie Bin Sharpener

Wheelie Bin Sharpener


Partly made from recycled material and fully recyclable

from only


AsPen Roller Clip


Keep your badges or keys safe and at hand at all times

from only


Holdz Magnetic Memo Holder and Clip


Memo clip features magnet at the back

from only


Magnetic Clip


Plastic bulldog clip

from only


Round Pen Pot


Supplied flat for mailing

from only


Shaped Paper Clips


Various promotional shapes supplied

from only


Printed Promotional Shaped Paperclip Dispenser

Shaped Paperclip Dispenser

Express Delivery

Shaped Paperclip Dispenser

from only


Lexicon Pencil Case


Clear plastic pencil case with coloured zip

from only


Printed Promotional Nylon PVC Pencil Case

Nylon PVC Pencil Case


Zipped fastening backed with PVC

from only


Clever Clip Dispenser


Magnetic wheel dispenser

from only


Printed Promotional Prism Pen Pot

Prism Pen Pot


Popular pen pot, looks great in a variety of colours

from only



Printed Promotional Branded Stationery

If your target audience comprises of millennials including students, young workers and entrepreneurs, giving away branded stationery products is a great marketing move. Doing this makes your brand get closer to them because of these items’ usability and practicality. What also makes them an ideal corporate giveaway is that they are appealing to the eyes, easy to carry, and can be displayed either at home or offices. Logo X has a wide variety of these branded stationery supplies that can be perfectly customised according to your branding needs and requirements. We have book eraser, glue stick, pencil sharpener, shaped paperclip dispenser, prism pen pot, magnetic clip, and Sussex stationery set, to name a few. You’re in good hands because we have been in the promotional merchandise industry for over 20 years now. We serve all locations in the United Kingdom, and have offices in London and Manchester. Need more options besides these custom and branded stationery items? Browse through and discover unique items that are a great value for your investment. You may also contact a Logo X representative at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we’ll be glad to assist you in all your specific brand’s needs.