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Exo USBs

Branded Exo USBs 512MB

Exo USBs 512MB


Metal USBs with black trim

from only


Branded Exo USBs 1GB

Exo USBs 1GB


Metal USBs with black trim

from only


Branded Exo USBs 2GB

Exo USBs 2GB


Metal USBs with black trim

from only


Branded Exo USBs 4GB

Exo USBs 4GB


Metal USBs with black trim

from only


Branded Exo USBs 8GB

Exo USBs 8GB


Metal USBs with black trim

from only


Printed Promotional Exo USB sticks

Still can’t find the perfect promotional gifts and giveaways that can be imprinted with your logo? With Logo X’s large selection of custom USBs, your search will be soon over! We have a fine selection of branded memory sticks that can be customised according to your marketing efforts and branding needs. One of the most classic and stylish choice in our flash drive selection is Exo USBs. They boast of a distinct class and metal finish, making them a crowd favourite and pleaser. You can choose from various colour options such as clear, yellow, black, blue, green, and red. The best thing about them is that they can be given away at different events like conferences, seminars, trainings, and product launches. These Exo USBs are ideal gift items for your upcoming corporate events especially when you want to build strong client relationships and establish a professional image for your business. If you also want to reward an employee for a job well done or give something special to valued clients and affiliates, executive promotional gifts would also be a good choice. Interested in having these Exo USBs? Feel free to reach us at our London and Manchester office on 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today!