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Novelty Pens

Fiona Pen Sleeve


Single pen sleeve with open window for extra logo exposure

from only


Printed Promotional Syringe Ballpen

Syringe Ballpen


Syringe look ballpens

from only


Printed Promotional Seville Ballpen

Seville Ballpen


Bright colours stand out in the pot of pens

from only


Farkle Pen Box


Single pen box

from only


Printed Promotional 4 Colour plastic Ballpen

4 Colour plastic Ballpen


6 inks in one tube for eash access to all the colours you need

from only


Printed Promotional Tadco Ballpen

Tadco Ballpen


Ballpen on lanyard and saftey lock

from only


Ballpen with note stickers


Great for note taking, esay access to note stickers and pen

from only


Nemo Pen Pouch


Classic velvet pen pouch

from only


Printed Promotional Clipwriter



Paper clip and pen combined

from only


Printed Promotional Metalic Pen highlighter

Metalic Pen highlighter


Luxury Metalic Ballpen with highlighter

from only


Printed Promotional Leto 4 colour ink

Leto 4 colour ink


4 inks in one tube for eashy access to all the colours you need

from only


Printed Promotional Mini Ballpen lanyard

Mini Ballpen lanyard


Never loose sight of your pen, keep it on a lanyard

from only


Printed Promotional Hearn 4 ink Ballpen

Hearn 4 ink Ballpen


5 inks in one tube for easy access to all the colours you need

from only


Printed Promotional Beady Eyed Ballpen

Beady Eyed Ballpen


Beady eyed ballpen with clear coloured barrel, matching colour trim

from only


Printed Promotional Grip Ballpen highlighter

Grip Ballpen highlighter


Highlighter and Ballpen

from only


Printed Promotional Jumbo Ballpen

Jumbo Ballpen


Jumbo size plastic ballpen with rubber grip

from only


Printed Promotional Animal Ballpen

Animal Ballpen


Animal ballpen with wooden barrel and blue ink

from only


Felicia Pen tube


Clear cylinder pen tube with foam padded caps

from only


Printed Promotional Flower Ballpen

Flower Ballpen


Flower ballpen with wooden barrel and blue ink

from only


Marlin Pen Box


Suitable for 1 pen

from only


Printed Promotional Ballpen Light Top

Ballpen Light Top


Light up your stationary with this LED pen

from only


Sauris Pen

Sauris Pen

New Innovative Products

A Pen, plus spirit level, plus ruler, plus screwdriver!

from only


Printed Promotional LasVagas Ballpen

LasVagas Ballpen


Very attractive colourful light up pen, makes your logo illuminate

from only


Printed Promotional Feathers Ballpen

Feathers Ballpen


Beautiful Feather pen

from only


Printed Promotional Torch Ballpen

Torch Ballpen


Torch with Ballpen, great for DIY

from only


Printed Promotional Flashing Ballpen

Flashing Ballpen


Two colour inks in one tube, flashing light on top

from only


Printed Promotional Folding LED light pen

Folding LED light pen


Fold up for pocket and keyring use

from only


Flexi Pen with Standard Shape


Bring your desk to life!

from only


Printed Promotional Ballpen highlighter top

Ballpen Highlighter Top


Hidden Highlighter in top

from only


Flexi Pen with Custom Shape


Design me with your own logo.

from only



Printed Promotional Novelty Pens

One of the best ways to draw crowd attention and create a buzz around your brand is by giving out imprinted writing instruments. This is because pens are easily passed onto others and widely used by everyone every day. What makes them more effective is when such pens are fashioned with a jolt of novelty. Logo X recognises the value of creativity and functionality. That’s why we offer a wide selection of promotional novelty pens that people of all ages would love to receive. Among the nonconventional pens we have our Syringe ballpen, ballpen with note stickers, Beady Eyed ballpen, clipwriter, and folding LED light pen, to name a few. All of these can be beautifully imprinted with your logo and brand’s message to inject fun and instant recognition to your business. They are ideal corporate freebies at consumer expos, product launches and contest prizes at trade show exhibits. Feel free to take a look at our broad spectrum of promotional novelty pens, and be amazed at how appealing and fancy they are in the eyes. One of them will surely catch your attention! Interested in having these promotional novelty pens? Contact us directly at our London and Manchester office on 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today