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Printed Promotional Standard Wooden Pencil

Standard Wooden Pencil

Amazing Value

Printed on the shaft

from only


Printed Promotional Green Good Newspaper

Green Good Newspaper


Pencils made from recycled newspapers!

from only


Printed Promotional Wooden Pencil with Eraser

Wooden Pencil with Eraser


Silver ferrule and pink eraser

from only


Printed Promotional Oro Pencil with White Eraser

Oro Pencil with White Eraser


Gold ferrule with white eraser

from only


Printed Promotional PA Retractable Pencil

PA Retractable Pencil


Budget retractable pencil with eraser

from only


Printed Promotional Unsharpened Pencil

Unsharpened Pencil


Wooden pencil with eraser, unsharpened

from only


Recycled Pencil


Made from recycled UK waste CD cases

from only


Printed Promotional Green Good Money Pencil

Green Good Money Pencil


Make your money go further - made from recycled bank notes!

from only


Printed Promotional Green Good Denim Pencil

Green Good Denim Pencil


Made using recycled denim

from only


Printed Promotional Wooden Carpenters Pencil

Wooden Carpenters Pencil


Unsharpened wooden carpenters pencil

from only


Hauser Tango Mechanical Pencil


7mm Japanese lead

from only


Printed Promotional Mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencil


Mechanical pencil (0.7mm lead) and white eraser.

from only


Printed Promotional BIC Classic Eraser Pencil

BIC Classic Eraser Pencil


Made from 46% recycled material/synthetic resin, with eraser

from only


Printed Promotional Pencil with Eraser

Pencil with Eraser


Bendy plastic pencil with eraser

from only


Bic Evolution Digital Ecolutions Pencil


Wood free pencil in recycled synthetic resin

from only


Printed Promotional Assorted Pencil Packs

Assorted Pencil Packs


Unsharpened pencil with digits 0 to 9 designs

from only


Printed Promotional Witch pencils

Witch pencils


Witch wooden pencils

from only


6 pc Pencil Set


6 coloured pencils

from only


7 pc Pencil Set


6 coloured pencils in cardboard cylinder box

from only


Printed Promotional Animal pencils

Animal pencils


Unsharpened pencil with tiger, ladybird, mouse, frog and cow designs

from only


BIC Media Clic Grip Digital Mechanical Pencil


Wide range of mix and match frosted and solid colour

from only


Printed Promotional Jumbo Wooden Pencils

Jumbo Wooden Pencils


Jumbo wooden pencil with eraser and plastic pencil sharpener

from only


Mophead Pencil


New mophead characters with foam arms

from only


Torcello Mechanical Pencil


Modern aluminium matt finish

from only


Pencil and Crayon Set


9 pc coloured wax crayons"

from only


Printed Promotional Sprout pencil

Sprout Pencil


A pencil that grows on you!

from only


Printed Promotional Jumbo Witch Pencils

Jumbo Witch Pencils


Jumbo wooden pencils with Witch characters

from only


12 pc Pencil Set


12 colouring pencils in wooden gift box with sliding cover

from only


26 pc Pencil Set


24 coloured pencils, eraser and sharpener

from only


12 pc Pencil Set


12 coloured pencils in wooden cylinder pencil-shaped box

from only



Printed Promotional Pencils

Be ready to get your marketing campaign rolling with promotional roller pens. This kind of ballpen can make your logo and message when distributed at trade shows and other corporate events. They also give your brand with additional style, sophistication and credibility that other custom and imprinted pens can offer. At Logo X, we have a comprehensive line of top-quality promotional roller pens. This pen selection uses liquid ink instead of oil-based thicker ink. That’s why such rollerball pens are ideally suited as corporate and business gifts to middle managers and C-level executives. When you gift a metal roller pen to your VIP clients and other business contacts, it’s guaranteed that they will appreciate your tiny marketing item. They can use them during meetings, conferences or whenever a writing task comes along. Promotional roller pens also offer a smoother writing experience than customary ballpoint pens or pencils. Recipients will be more likely to choose it out of their pen collection anytime they have to write. So if you’re struggling in choosing a perfect writing instrument for your impending event, gifting metal roller pens is the best solution to your problem. By gifting roller pens you convey to your target audience that you’re not run-of-the-mill, thus, creating a positive impact for your business. Interested in having these branded rollerball pens? Speak now with a Logo X representative to discuss your company’s branding specific needs. Contact us directly at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today!