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Brand and Logo Chargers

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Brand and Logo Chargers

Charge up your marketing power with high quality promotional charging devices. Promotional branded and logo chargers make for a great business gift or giveaway to power up your brand's connection with customers and valued clients. The usage of phone and electronic items has continually increased in number, which calls for a charging device that will replenish the battery life. Since everyone owns a mobile phone today, giving out such promotional branded and logo chargers would be an effective marketing tactic. Logo X recognises this current mobile usage trend and offers such promotional branded and logo chargers that are specially designed with a highly visible logo print. These handheld devices are dual port car chargers equipped with USB connectivity to keep all devices powered on the road. They offer functionality and practicality, while at the same time providing you with high brand visibility. If you are thinking of a device like this for a business gift or a promotional item, our branded chargers would be a perfect choice. We have three types of branded chargers: Cargador Coche USB Hikal, Branded Charger 1 and Brander Charger 2. The main difference between the charger 1 and 2 is the logo presentation. Brand charger 1 presents the logo facing you if the device is plugged down to the floor, while Brand charger 2 faces the logo up when plugged down pointing to the floor. Brand Chargers 1 and 2 both include a 1M USB cable with 6 adaptors: Samsung G600, Samsung D900, Nokia, mini USB, micro USB type A and micro USB type B. We also have different promotional logo chargers that feature high quality gloss finish and LED illuminated ring to keep your logo visibilble, day or night. These printed logo chargers are available in 4 standard colours: white, black, red and blue. But if these colours do not suit your needs, we can produce them to any Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS) colour if you order 2000 or more. Need more options beside these promotional branded and logo chargers? Browse our website and discover unique items that are a great value for your investment. You may also contact a Logo X representative at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we'll be happy to accommodate your brand's specific needs.