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Promotional Clothing

Wrap your customers up in your brand strategy with the help of promotional clothing. Investing in this marketing item is a great business move because it doesn't only allow you to have a strong brand image, but also increases your chances for a continuous brand presence. Promotional clothing remains one of the most popular product in the promotional industry. This item's spacious printing area has a great advantage in getting your brand recognised across your organization or amongst the general public. They can also serve as a mobile or walking billboard because their wearable feature lets people broadcast your brand, anytime and anywhere. When it comes to wearable items like these, you can trust on Logo X's vast selection of promotional clothing ranging from basic printed t-shirts to waterproof jackets, hoodies with or without zips, caps, and scarves and ties. Our clothing products are made from luxurious fabric with an elegant contemporary design and are manufactured using the newest technologies. We also offer a wide range of High Visibility promotional clothing that is becoming very popular in schools to promote walk to school, cycling and road safety. This selection is also a popular choice for workers in the engineering, design, and construction industry. On tight budget? Stop all the worries! We can provide you with low cost options that will suit your pocket. So what are you waiting for? Don't settle for blunt giveaways. Let us help provide you with top quality promotional apparel for you, your clients and your customers. Feel free to reach us at our London and Manchester office on 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today! We are very ecstatic to share with you the happy thoughts and feedbacks we get from them!