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Promotional Exhibition Goods

  • Branded Stickers
    Branded Stickers Stickers £0.04 More Info
  • Branded In-store Promotions
    Branded In-store Promotions In-Store Promotions £0.07 More Info
  • Branded Card Wallets
    Branded Card Wallets Branded Card Wallets £0.15 More Info
  • Branded Logobugs
    Branded Logobugs Logobugs £0.15 More Info
  • Membership Cards
    Membership Cards Membership Cards £0.15 More Info
  • Wristbands
    Wristbands Wristbands £0.16 More Info
  • Branded ID Badges
    Branded ID Badges ID Badges £0.29 More Info
  • Branded Document Wallets
    Branded Document Wallets Branded Document Wallets £0.68 More Info
  • Branded Flags and Bunting
    Branded Flags and Bunting Flags and Bunting £0.85 More Info
  • Branded Folders and Binders
    Branded Folders and Binders Folders and Binders £1.29 More Info
  • Branded Document Bags
    Branded Document Bags Document Bags £1.29 More Info
  • Branded Leather Wallets
    Branded Leather Wallets Leather Wallets £3.15 More Info
  • Branded Exhibition Stands
    Branded Exhibition Stands Exhibition Stands and Banners £50.75 More Info

Printed Promotional Exhibition Items

Do you want to boost more traffic at your exhibitor booth? Stop visualising, act now! Do something special that will surely catch the attention of the trade show goers and will make your brand stand out from the competition. One of the most effective ways to lure visitors is by giving them unique freebies like promotional exhibition goods. Pens, lanyards and writing instruments are slowly becoming common item in trade show events. So if you want your brand to be perceived with exceptional class and creativity, you should go for something unique. To make sure that you have the most impressive display in any trade show event, consider including promotional exhibition goods in your marketing gimmick. At Logo X, we aim to provide top quality business gifts and promo items that meet the needs and expectations of any business wide customer base. We have a variety of promo products that are suitable for exhibition stands and trade show booths. Our line of promotional exhibition goods includes branded folders and binders, document wallets, wristbands, ID badges, flags and bunting, exhibition stands, magic cube, aqua products, stickers, membership cards, and a lot more. These promotional exhibition goods can be imprinted with your company logo, depending on the level of interest you want to display in your brand. We also ensure that every product you get will give your brand its well-deserved and thoughtful recognition. Excited to rule the trade show floor? Invest now on these promotional products to experience high brand recognition at lower price. For over 20 years, Logo X has been a trusted name in the promotional merchandise industry. Let us help provide you with top quality exhibition goods for you, your clients and your customers. Feel free to reach us at our London and Manchester office on 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today!