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  • Parasol
    Parasol Not available £1.23 More Info
  • Childrens Umbrellas
    Childrens Umbrellas Childrens Umbrellas £3.95 More Info
  • Walking Umbrellas
    Walking Umbrellas Walking Umbrellas £4.25 More Info
  • Import Umbrellas
    Import Umbrellas Import Umbrellas £4.49 More Info
  • Telescopic Umbrellas
    Telescopic Umbrellas Telescopic Umbrellas £4.99 More Info
  • Budget Golf Umbrellas
    Budget Golf Umbrellas Budget Golf Umbrellas £5.39 More Info
  • Golf Umbrellas
    Golf Umbrellas Golf Umbrellas £9.45 More Info

Branded Umbrellas and Promotional Umbrellas

Be there for your clients, come rain or shine! Give them branded umbrellas that can withstand difficult weather conditions. Promotional umbrellas provide you with fantastic branding option, which is effective in boosting your brand's presence and reaching a wider customer base. When a sudden rain hits the city, people open their umbrellas to safeguard them from getting wet. And when the heat strikes, umbrellas offer so much protection against the sun. Giving them such promotional item can actually offer you many benefits such as long-lasting brand exposure, customer loyalty, and possible sales leads. Their long-life use offers your brand some major longevity because you are with them as long as the umbrellas serve their purpose. Additionally, umbrellas are often manufactured in huge size and are designed with a colourful exterior, making your brand more visible even in a crowd. Logo X has a comprehensive line of promotional umbrellas that can be custom designed according to your branding needs. Our imprinted umbrellas range from walking umbrellas to golf umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas, and childrens umbrellas, among others. If you are considering a custom umbrella as your giveaway for your next trade show or conference, take a look at this article - "Custom Umbrellas | Sizes And Types Overview" for the list of options we compiled. All our custom umbrellas can be branded with your logo on the panels and closing strap. We can also offer an import option for some umbrellas, ideally for orders over 500 pieces. However, this type of umbrella requires longer order lead time because they can take up to 60 days to arrive. If you think promotional umbrellas are a sure fit to your marketing campaign, let us help produce these promotional products for you! Logo X has been supplying high quality promotional items and corporate gifts in the United Kingdom and operates in London and Manchester. Contact a Logo X representative at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we will be happy to accommodate your brand's specific needs. You can also visit our FAQ page at to get a grasp on the frequently asked questions like ordering process, payment options, and terms of sale.