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USB Sticks

  • Branded Twister USBs Twister USBs in memory sizes 512MB-16GB £ 1.29 More Info
  • Branded Lozenge USBs Lozenge USB Sticks in memory sizes 512MB... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Branded Metal Stripe USBs Standard metal with colour stripe in mem... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Stick USB Standard USB with light in memory sizes ... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Branded Metallic USBs Metallic USB in memory sizes 512MB-16GB £ 1.29 More Info
  • Branded Shiny Metal USBs Shiny Metal USB in memory sizes 512MB-16... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Shuttle USB Shuttle USB in memory sizes 512MB-16GB £ 1.29 More Info
  • Silicon Wristband USBs Silicon Wristband USB in memory sizes 51... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Ranger USB Ranger USB in memory sizes 512MB-16GB £ 1.29 More Info
  • Button Curve USB Button Curve USB in memory sizes 512MB-1... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Slim Stick USB Slim Stick USB in memory sizes 512MB-16G... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Pill USB Pill Shape USB in memory sizes 512MB-16G... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Oval Curve USB Oval Curve USB in memory sizes 512MB-16G... £ 1.29 More Info
  • Branded Mirror USBs Contemporary Flash Drive with metal trim £ 1.30 More Info
  • Slim USBs Soft touch coating highlighted by chrome... £ 1.30 More Info
  • Heart Shape USBs Ideal for medical or valentines promotio... £ 1.30 More Info
  • Curvy USBs Soft touch rubber coating and stylish ra... £ 1.30 More Info
  • Disk USBs An unusual round model of Flash Drive wi... £ 1.30 More Info
  • Lanyard USBs Never loose your USBs with a bright colo... £ 1.30 More Info
  • Twister Colour USBs Rotating sleeve to protect the USBs plug... £ 1.30 More Info


Printed Promotional USB Sticks

There are million reasons to stay connected with customers, especially in today’s digital era. Everything from the web to social media and technology is continually evolving. With this in mind, it is necessary to get more creative in reaching out to them. One way to do this is by offering them a promotional item that surely meets the demand of information age. People today own multiple devices and keep transferring data from one device to another. That is why turning into promotional USB sticks make for a perfect marketing gift. Imprinted USB sticks and flash drives are a fantastic marketing tool that can promote your brand and make you outshine the competition. They are also tangible, which means people can keep your advertisement, while at the same time allowing them to transfer, store, and back-up files seamlessly. At Logo X, we recognise the surging demand for innovative and creative products to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer base. That is why we offer a wide variety of promotional USB sticks, which are specially designed for portable data storage. Our range of promotional USB sticks come in different styles, shapes and colours. Among the flash drives we have are silicon wristband USBs, USB twist pen, oval curve USB, button curve USBs, pill USBs and many more. All of them have storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 32GB. We can also offer a service where you can purchase these USB sticks with certain files already stored in them. So the moment you hand them out to your clients, they can view all the information they need to know about your company. Be ready to boost your brand without breaking your budget! Invest on top quality promotional USB sticks to experience high brand recognition at lower price. Give us a call at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 our Logo X representative will be happy to discuss your brand’s needs. For more info about our company and the products that we offer, browse through