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Promotional Exhibition Goods - (Banner Pens)

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Printed Promotional Banner Pens

Advertising can be very expensive, especially for small businesses with low budgets. Our banner pens will easily replace magazine and online advertising because magazines and papers are thrown out quickly and ad space online can get used up just as fast. Our banner pens include anything you want on the retracting banner, to get your message across with ease and let's face it: a lot of pizzazz. Ever get writer's block? We have. When you get writer's block, it's recommended that you move away from a screen and keyboard and doodle on an old-fashioned notepad and pen. That custom pen could be from your business; the pen to rule them all (and help everyone get over this terrible epidemic). But let's get real for a second. Our customized pens aren't just for function, it's to get attention. Give one to visitors of your office or your tradeshow booth, and not only will you receive gratitude, but also will oooh'ed and ahh'ed out with attention and admiration when the eventual time comes where someone asks that fateful question: Do you have a pen? Why yes. Yes, you do. Our amazing pens aren't done yet, we also offer ink colors in black, blue or red and pen colors of different variety including red, navy, green, black and so many more to satisfy your specific color desire. Try our pens today and let your writing instruments do all the talking. Product Description. Curly Clip Banner pen. Advertising banner which rolls up in the barrel of the pen. Printed full color on both sides of banner. Can also be printed on the barrel. Can also be printed on the barrel, great for those big messages. Dimensions: 146 x 11mm. Print area: 180 x 68mm. Ink colors available are Black, blue or red. Pen colors to choose from include Red, Navy, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Silver and Clear.