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Promotional Pens - (Burger Swiss and Ballograf)

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Promotional Burger Swiss and Ballograf

Burger Swiss, Ballograf and Rotring pens are some of the most high quality pens on the promotional merchandise market. Just the other day I walked into a bar with my company Burger Swiss pen clipped onto my shirt. After taking the initial sip of my much needed glass of wine and the first mouthful of my salted peanuts. I was surprisingly greeted by a fellow drinker. And unexpectedly, the promotional pen was his conversation starter. Where are you working then? How is business going? Although I was caught slightly off guard, we got talking and ended up having a rather entertaining evening. After gaining numerous free drinks and an unexpected phone number I decided to head home on a high note. A very successful evening, all thanks to my Promotional Pen. Please contact our London office on 0207 101 0722 or our Manchester branch on 0161 875 2500 for same day quotes.